Early historical records indicate that Stanger’s first musjid, a wood and iron structure, was built around 1903 in Rood Street (now M Gandhi Street). This was replaced by a substantial building (picture on right) in 1910.

The Musjid built in 1910 was also used for madrasah  education until about 1930, when the Lindley Street Madrasah was built.

Construction of the current masjid began in 1972 and the musjid was officially opened on 12 September 1974.

Some of the distinguished guests to the masjid during Hazrat Shaik Zakariyya’s (R) 1981 visit included; Mufti Mahmood- Hasan, Ml Abdul Halim, Ml Mohammed Salmaan, Ml Abdul Hafeez, Ml Yusuf Motala, Ml Abdur Raheem Motala, Mufti Wali Hasan, Ml Rashidudeen, Ml Moeenudeen, Ml Shahid, Dr Ismail Memon, Qazi Abdul Qadir and Mufti Zainul Abideen.

Statistics of Current Musjid
Date of completion:1974
Cost of building:R350,000
1st major renovation:July 2001
Cost of renovation:R500,000
Musallee capacity:1200 + 400(basement)
Wudhu taps:48
Number of levels:3
Car parking spaces:190